Just prior to the Pandemic, Bill Bennett set off around the world to make a film on fear, interviewing a broad range of people including leading experts on fear.

Then the coronavirus hit, and that put a temporary stop to production. Yet fear was running rampant, and Bill realised there was a desperate need for the kind of information he’d gathered.

So as a precursor to the movie Facing Fear, he created edited versions of many of the interviews, along with Zoom interviews discussing how to manage fear during a crisis.

There’s 27 interviews in all, each running 45-60 minutes, providing nearly 24hrs of crucial and practical advice on how to get on top of your fears. It’s an extraordinary resource discussing fear in depth, tailored to what many of us are going through right now.

It is the perfect companion resource to the movie, providing additional source material not included in the film; plus deeper insights from scientists, spiritualists, psychologists, trauma counsellors and other medical professionals.

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